About Us

MD Biologix provides the most innovative technology to support cellular therapy in Canada.


A Canadian company, MDBiologix is one of the leading regenerative medicine companies in the nation and is advancing the field of cellular therapy in Canada. Our innovative harvest cellular therapies are natural, next-generation solutions to orthopedic issues and provide physicians with a new option in patient care. We are committed to improving patient recovery through regenerative medicine, allowing patients to address orthopedic health problems without the pain and risk associated with surgery. Through a combination of stem cell therapy, consultation, and post-care support, our purpose is to help people live pain free.

Our Products

MDBiologix represents exclusively in Canada, Harvest Cellular Therapies, one of the world’s leading cellular therapy companies and the Harvest SmartPrep® Platelet Concentration System. This includes a wide range of biologics including :
• Platelet rich plasma
• Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC)
• Adipose tissue concentrate

Our Mission

We empower people to live free of pain. Through stem cell therapy and consultation, we help doctors and patients connect and identify alternative methods to getting rid of their pain and reverse the downward spiral of poor health. We provide a high level of expertise using a consultative approach with every customer in this rapidly growing biologics field. Our team focuses on customer and practice needs with our extensive background in sports medicine, orthopedics, pain management, oral and maxillofacial, podiatry, plastics and dermatology.