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Welcome to the future of medicine

As the first company to bring point-of-care autologous cell therapy to Canadians, MDBiologix is a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Medicine with over 20+ years of industry experience.


Best in-class medical tools to produce and apply powerful, autologous biologics.


How regenerative medicine is using autologous biologics.


Access resources and visit the Health Corner blog.


We help patients live without pain

Hear about how MDBiologix is helping patients take back control of their body and live pain-free.

Hear how we help your practice


Dr. Michael Clarfield

Sports Medicine Physician, Cleveland Clinic Canada

I have grown with [MDBioloigix] and found that they have always functioned as a "small town' player although they are really in the big league. They are easy to deal with and to get answers to problems. 


Dr. Terry DeFreitas

Medical Director, Glen Sather Sport Medicine


MDBiologix has been very central to our platelet rich plasma injection program.

Their PRP system made a huge impact for our patients with chronic tendinopathy, knee hip and ankle osteoarthritis.


Dr. Grant Pagdin

Owner, Pagdin Health

I have been working with MD Biologix for over 14 years.

The products I have used from MDBiologix regenerative medicine products have dramatically enhanced my practice. I have never had so many patients improve and be so grateful for the healing properties of these products.

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