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Marrow Cellutions™


Synolis VA
Clinical Resolution Lab

Autologous Biologics

MD Biologix offers an integrated autologous biologics platform that includes processing disposables designed to quickly and efficiently deliver the optimal concentration of a patient’s own regenerative cells at the point-of-care. In less than 15 minutes from the time they are collected, concentrated cells are ready for use.

Proprietary collection surface technology has been designed for the production of cellular concentrates from whole blood and adipose tissue. This includes cell-therapies such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Adipose Tissue Concentrate.


Produce Autologous Biologics with these Procedure Packs


Platelet-Rich Plasma

Generate the optimal PRP solution with the highest concentration of platelets and CD 34+ stem cell markers. Refine your PRP product to eliminate 99% of red blood cells and bring total hematocrit to <0.1%.


Adipose Tissue

Harvest and process adipose tissue into a purified stem cell-rich graft with minimal manipulation. 


Marrow Cellutions

With a revolution design that alters fluid dynamics and reduces processing steps, Marrow Cellution™ bone graft kits provide high quality bone marrow aspirate and cancellous bone autograft. The new gold standard of autograft material accessible in a minimally invasive manner.

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Available Products



Bone Marrow Aspirate

A total solution kit that includes Marrow Cellution™ Bone Marrow Aspiration System and additional tools for percutaneous trephine extraction of autogenous cancellous bone dowels.

Marrow Cellutions
Synolis VA

Synolis VA

Synolis VA (Visco-Antalgic) is a Health Canada approved intra-articular joint product indicated for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The product comes in both 2ml and 4ml formulations and contains a proprietary blend of high-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid with Sorbitol that mimics the natural properties of synovial fluid. 


Available Products

Synolis VA


Visco-supplement with a poprietary blend of high-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid with Sorbitol

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Clinical Resolution Lab

Clinical Resolution Lab applicator devices employ very small needles - microneedles - that deliver drugs by mechanically perforating the outer layer of skin and allowing for  transdermal absorption of an active compound, such as PRP. 


Available Products


Microneedling Pen

Unlock the natural beauty of your skin with the InnoPen and it's patented InnoTip design.

MTS Roller™

Access a low-cost, high-efficacy suite of derma rollers.



A variety of topical clinical solutions to support the use of applicator devices

Sterile Serums

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