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AdiPrep ®
Please note that this product line has been discontinued. please refer to our latest adipose technology: LipoPro
Adipose Tissue to Purified Stem Cell-Rich Graft in Minutes

On Harvest Terumo BCT SmartPrep® 3 platform, The AdiPrep® Adipose Transfer System is the most effective means for generating a concentrated fat graft with high stem cell and nucleated cell counts. It increases the potential for graft retention by refining the adipose tissue and completely removing contaminants including fluids, oils and lipids.


The resulting purified adipose tissue concentrate may be used for a safer, cleaner and more cost-effective solution to synthetic fillers for cosmetic applications ¹ ² ³.  Additionally, it's stem-cell rich nature has made it a popular treatment option for orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis ⁴.

Higher Cell Concentrations in your Ready-To-Use Fat Graft

The AdiPrep® system can generate an adipose tissue graft complete with the Stromal Vascular Fraction capable of delivering more than 3 million stem cells directly to the application site ⁵. The chart below shows the concentration of cellular components in an adipose tissue graft prepared with the AdiPrep® system.

Key Components of AdiPrep
The AdiPrep ® System vs. Gravity Decantation

Normal preparation of fat grafts, including other commercial products, include contaminants that can cause graft volume loss and impact treatment success. This is because they rely primarily on gravity decantation, the most common technique for processing a sample of lipoaspirate. 


This process does not remove lipids and excess fluids effectively and may produce a poor-quality graft. Using our proprietary lipid barrier disc technology built right into the processing disposable, the AdiPrep® system isolates oils and lipids from the concentrated fat graft.

How It Works

Combined with the AdiPrep® Procedure Pack, the SmartPrep system automates point-of-care processing of biologics by:

  • Producing concentrated autologous biologics in 14 minutes of total processing time

  • Reducing the number of steps compared to a manual method

  • Simplifying training among multiple users

AdiPrep ® Procedure Packs
Biologic Information

Adipose tissue is a heterogeneous biological tissue comprised of various cellular components in the form of a 3D scaffold. Concentrated adipose tissue includes AD-MSC's and pericytes which hold the ability to differentiate into different cell types responsible for repair or growth of bone, cartilage, muscle, marrow, tendons or connective tissue.

Adipose Tissue
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