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Please note that this product line has been discontinued. Please refer to our latest bone marrow technology: Marrow Cellutions
Uncompromising Quality & Reliability in Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

On Harvest Terumo BCT SmartPrep® platform, The BMAC® system is used to concentrate the stem cells found in bone marrow aspirate draw from the iliac crest.


For more than a decade, the BMAC® system has delivered quality, flexibility and reliability—and the highest stem cell concentration and yield compared to four other systems.

Higher CFU-F recovery With More Consistent TNC Counts 

The Harvest BMAC® process disposable incorporates a proprietary, self-calibrating floating shelf designed specifically for concentrating BMA. The density of the floating shelf is engineered to maximize the capture of the TNCs from the bone marrow.


Higher cell concentration means more cells with potential healing power are delivered to the application site. The BMAC system produces a final product with a more consistent TNC count and higher CFU-F recovery than other commercial BMA systems ¹. In fact, the total nucleated cell count found in the product generated from the BMAC system is typically three to six times that of bone marrow aspirate ².

Key components of BMAC ®
How It Works

Combined with the BMAC® Procedure Pack, the SmartPrep system automates point-of-care processing of biologics by:

  • Producing concentrated autologous biologics in 14 minutes of total processing time

  • Reducing the number of steps compared to a manual method

  • Simplifying training among multiple users

BMAC ® Procedure Packs
Clinical Data
Biologic Information

Bone marrow aspirate (BMA) is an autologous biologic derived from a patient’s own bone marrow. BMA is high in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are known to be vital to biological processes such as the regeneration of tissue—including cartilage, muscle, marrow, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue—as well as bone formation (3,4,5,6).

Bone Marrow Aspirate
  1. Based on one study, publication in progress, where the BMAC system was compared to the Zimmer Biomet BioCUE® Blood and Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentration System and the Arthrex Angel® cPRP & Bone Marrow Processing System.

  2. Muschler G, et al., “Comparison of Bone Marrow Aspiration and Bone Core Biopsy as Methods for Harvest and Assay of Human Connective Tissue Progenitor.” Scientific paper 41; 2006, presented at 58th Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons Meeting.

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The products listed above are reserved for use by licensed medical practitioners only and in approved geographical regions where marketing authorization has been provided by governing Health Authorities. Certain products may not be approved for sale in all countries. 

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