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A Completely Autologous Solution for Treating Inflammation

With Sanakin® Technology, physicians can create an autologous cytokine rich serum (ACRS) derived from the blood of a patient without any additives to maximize tolerability. This ACRS contains increased concentrations of anti-inflammatory cytokines and important growth factors to treat all kinds of inflammation.

Break up the Pain and Pro-Inflammatory Cascade with Positive Interleukins and Growth Factors

Due to an imbalance of the body’s proteins, the damaging interleukin-1 (IL-1) causes cartilage damage, inflammation and pain. The natural antagonist of interleukin-1 is the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) which is called “osteoarthritis-inhibiting protein.


Compared to other autologous biologics, the autologous cytokine rich serum produced with Sanakin Technology contains increased concentrations of the natural antagonist (IL-1Ra) as well as important growth factors from the patient’s own blood. The osteoarthritis-inhibiting protein (IL-1Ra) occupies specific synapses – or points of nervous impulses – on cartilage cells and synovial membrane cells so that the damaging protein IL-1 is prevented access to these cell areas. Thereby stopping the pro-inflammatory cycle from continuing.

Combine with PRP for Long-Term Success

The immediate anti-inflammatory effect provided by Sanakin Technology may be used alongside Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy to offer a total long term, regenerative solution.

How it works

The Sanakin System is designed to be minimally invasive and compatible with most conventional laboratory centrifuge and incubation systems. 

Clinical Data

Many commercial systems producing IRAP serums do not incubate the solution and therefore do not significantly enhance the presence of IL-1RA. Sanakin Technology is optimized to be incubated for 3 hours to produce a highly effective ACRS ¹.

In an observational study of 100 patients, ACRS produced with Sanakin Technology had a large impact on reducing patient pain scores ¹.

Request a digital copy of our research here.

Biologic Information

Chronic joint disease like Osteoarthritis present a disproportional increase in the pro-inflammatory interleukin-1 (IL-1) which leads to a breakdown in joint connective tissue, pain and inflammation. An autologous cytokine rich serum contains increased concentrations of the natural antagonist (IL-1Ra) as well as important growth factors that can compete with IL-1 to alter the bio chemistry in the joint and restore normal function.

  1. Internal Data, on file. Available upon request


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