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MDBiologix and Dr. Grant Pagdin share an update on HC Approved Clinical Trial

MDBiologix and Dr. Grant Pagdin of Pagdin Health are pleased to share an important video update on the status of the first-of-it's-kind Health Canada clinical trial investigating the use the portfolio products lipoaspirate (AdiPrep), bone marrow aspirate (Marrow Cellutions), and platelet-rich plasma (Harvest PRP) in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

On Cell Viability, "Cell viability is excellent, and the numbers of the mesenchymal stem cells that come out of a typical sample of bone marrow would be about 100,000 cells per CC. Whereas the number of mesenchymal stem cells coming out of fat is about 4 to 5 times that much, 400,000 to 600,000 mesenchymal stem cells per CC from our fat samples. So we're getting excellent numbers of stem cells and excellent cell viability."

On Efficacy, "We followed about 60 of our patients out to between 6 to 12 months now of follow up, and at least 75% of these are reporting substantial improvements in pain and function, and these would be of a clinically meaningful amount." said Dr. Grant Pagdin, lead investigator.

Dr. Grant Pagdin expects this research project to be complete in the fall of 2026.


About MDBiologix

MDBiologix has for twenty-plus years brought point-of-care autologous cell therapies to Canadian practitioners and their patients. It is a privately held, family-run business that is committed to improving patient care with innovative medical technologies, clinical expertise, and education. Its products are developed and manufactured by some of the world’s most advanced medical device companies, and together with its complete clinical support allow physicians to offer new treatment options to patients that can improve their quality of life and help them live pain free.

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About Dr. Grant Pagdin, Lead Investigator

Dr. Grant Pagdin is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and a clinical instructor at UBC. He is board certified with the American Academy of Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine and a fellow of the Interventional Orthobiologic Foundation and has a substantial background in clinical research.

In the absence of corporate sponsorship this project is being supported by Dr. G. Pagdin Inc. in partnership with the participants. Dr. G. Pagdin Inc. was established in Kelowna British Columbia in 2006, with a focus on anti-aging and regenerative medicine. The corporate motto at Pagdin Health is "Living Longer Better".

More information, including the cost to participate can be found at or by calling the clinic at 250-717-3200.

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