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RegenMed and MDBiologix to Advance Safe, Efficacious and Regulatory-Compliant Regenerative Medicine


RegenMed and MDBiologix have partnered to deploy inCytes™ data-capture technology suite alongside innovative medical technology to advance patient care and clinical collaboration in Canada. This partnership will work closely with Canadian clinicians, scientists and governmental authorities in the development of evidence-based standards of care in the highly promising field of regenerative medicine.

Utilizing the body’s innate reparative, immunomodulatory and regenerative capabilities, regenerative medicine is a field relevant to orthopaedics, oncology, peripheral vascular diseases, wound care, cardiology, plastic/reconstructive surgery and most other medical specialties.

Led by nationally renowned clinical leaders such as Dr. Grant Pagdin of Pagdin Health, Kelowna, BC; Dr. Robert Burnham of Vivo Cura Health Calgary, AB; and Dr. Nathan Thakur of Regenerative MD, Calgary, AB; this mission will offer Canadian clinicians the platforms, tools and support allowing them to:

  • Comply with applicable Canadian regulations and best practices in delivery of autologous cell therapies and associated regenerative medicine technologies.

  • Identify, aggregate and share the substantial real-world evidence arising from their everyday clinical practices using an anonymized, secure platform.

  • Improve the patient experience and communication channels through engagement with Benchmarc™ patient portal.

  • Establish relevant outcomes measures for specific indications and treatments; and capture those measures from patients on a long-term basis.

  • Improve intra-clinical quality assurance and continuous improvement through data-driven initiatives.

  • Regularly and securely collaborate with each other to discuss protocols, developing clinical evidence, best practices, evolving medical science and other matters of common interest.

  • Access evidence-based approaches in the U.S., Europe and other regions.Maintain an open dialogue with Health Canada, with a goal of supporting appropriate legislation and/or biologics licenses.

If you are interested in learning more about this mission, membership requirements or benefits, please contact

Connor Downs | MDBiologix |

About MDBiologix

MDBiologix has for twenty-plus years brought point-of-care autologous cell therapies to Canadian practitioners and their patients. It is a privately held, family-run business that is committed to improving patient care with innovative medical technologies, clinical expertise, and education. Its products are developed and manufactured by some of the world’s most advanced medical device companies, and together with its complete clinical support allow physicians to offer new treatment options to patients that can improve their quality of life and help them live pain free.

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About RegenMed

RegenMed platforms, processes and support allow hospitals, clinicians, industry and other healthcare constituencies around the world to generate real-world evidence. That RWE adds substantial value in a wide variety of use cases, including regulatory submissions, standards of care, legal/regulatory compliance, value-added medicine, reimbursement, research, HCP communications and patient engagement.

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