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MDBiologix: Stem Cell Therapy Clinical Trials Update

MDBiologix announces a second Health Canada clinical trial involving the use of approved portfolio products: Harvest Terumo Platelet Concentrate, AdiPrep, and Marrow Cellutions Bone Marrow Aspirate.

The clinical trial will be led by Dr. Grigory Karmy of the Karmy Chronic Pain Medical Clinic and co-investigated by Dr. Adeel Khan of the Institute of Human Mechanics. This will be a phase 2, randomized, multi-center study involving over 400 patients comparing the use of Bone Marrow Aspirate (Marrow Cellutions) versus Lipoaspirate (AdiPrep) for the treatment of Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis.

"This second clinical trial will add to the growing evidence supporting the safe and effective use of our portfolio products in chronic pain conditions." said Murray Downs, President of MDBiologix.

Alongside the first-of-it's-kind stem cell trial led by Dr. Grant Pagdin at Pagdin Health, MDBiologix is involved in the only two Health Canada clinical trials involving the use of stem-cell based cellular therapies.


About MDBiologix

MDBiologix has for twenty-plus years brought point-of-care autologous cell therapies to Canadian practitioners and their patients. It is a privately held, family-run business that is committed to improving patient care with innovative medical technologies, clinical expertise, and education. Its products are developed and manufactured by some of the world’s most advanced medical device companies, and together with its complete clinical support allow physicians to offer new treatment options to patients that can improve their quality of life and help them live pain free.

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